FUNcube-1 (AO-73) Fitter Messages

The following list shows the fitter messages received from the satellite.
Some messages are wider than the web page, these are indicated by an ellipsis … and can be viewed by hovering the cursor over the line.

Message Last received Slot
To request a FITTER message, please email 2022-08-14 00:17:00 UTC FM2
AO73 was launched 8 years ago on Nov 21st 2013 - now more than 47000 … 2022-08-14 00:17:00 UTC FM5
Bienvenue aux stagiaires et visiteurs de l'Euro Space Center - ON4ESC 2022-08-14 00:17:00 UTC FM3
CQ CQ de Milly, Caitlin & Alice, aiming for our foundation licences. … 2022-08-14 00:17:00 UTC FM4