FUNcube-1 (AO-73) Realtime Data

This page shows the latest value of all the housekeeping parameters in the spacecraft.
The data has been collected by one or more of the ground stations who are submitting this data from all around the world.

Satellite Latitude, Longitude: 18.77 S, 108.2 W
Uploaded at: 2017-01-10 15:48:40.0 UTC

Electrical Power Subsystem

Name Value Min. Max.
Solar Panel Voltage X      
Solar Panel Voltage Y      
Solar Panel Voltage Z      
Total Photo Current      
Battery Voltage      
Total System Current      
Reboot Count      
EPS Software Errors      
Boost Converter Temp X      
Boost Converter Temp Y      
Boost Converter Temp Z      
Battery Temp      
Latch Up Count 5v      
Latch Up Count 3.3v      
Reset Cause      
Power Point Tracking Mode      

Sensor Subsystem

Name Value Min. Max.
Sun Sensor X+      
Sun Sensor Y+      
Sun Sensor Z+      
Solar Panel Temp X+      
Solar Panel Temp X-      
Solar Panel Temp Y+      
Solar Panel Temp Y-      
3.3 Bus Voltage      
3.3 Bus Current      
5.0 Bus voltage      

Communication Subsystem

Name Value Min. Max.
Receiver Doppler      
Receiver RSSI      
Receive Current      
Transmit Current 3.3V bus      
Transmit Current 5.0V bus       

RF Power Amplifier

Name Value Min. Max.
Forward Power      
Reverse Power       
Device Temperature       
Bus Current      

Antenna Subsystem

Name Value Min Max
Antenna Temp 0      
Antenna Temp 1      
Antenna Deployment VHF-A  
Antenna Deployment VHF-B  
Antenna Deployment UHF-A  
Antenna Deployment UHF-B  

Software State

Name Value
Sequence Number  
Command Count  
Last Command  
Command Success  
Data Valid ASIB  
Data Valid EPS  
Data Valid PA  
Data Valid RF  
Data Valid MSE  
Data Valid ANTS Bus-A  
Data Valid ANTS Bus-B  
In Eclipse Mode  
In Safe Mode  
Hardware ABF  
Software ABF  
Deployment Wait At Next Boot