ESEO Realtime Data

This page shows the latest value of all the housekeeping parameters in the spacecraft.
The data has been collected by one or more of the ground stations who are submitting this data from all around the world.

Satellite Latitude, Longitude: 18.77 S, 108.2 W
Uploaded at: 2017-01-10 15:48:40.0 UTC

Electrical Power Subsystem

Name Value Min. Max.
DC to DC Voltage 2753 V N/A N/A
DC to DC Current 3172 mA N/A N/A
DC to DC Temp. 3421 mV N/A N/A
Enclosure Temp. 3421 mV N/A N/A
Processor Temp. 7647 mV N/A N/A
3.3 Voltage 3 mA N/A N/A
3.3 Current 0 mA N/A N/A
Transp. Supp. Volts 3 mA N/A N/A
Transp. Supp. Curr. 7 mA N/A N/A
Volts 9v 177 mA N/A N/A
Current 9v 14 N/A N/A

Communication Subsystem

Name Value Min. Max.
Transponder RSSI 2753 V N/A N/A
Command RSSI 3172 mA N/A N/A
Command Doppler 3421 mV N/A N/A
Command Osc. Temp. 3421 mV N/A N/A

RF Power Amplifier

Name Value Min. Max.
FM Amplifier Temp. 2753 V N/A N/A
BPSK Amplifier Temp. 3172 mA N/A N/A
Forward Power 3421 mV N/A N/A
Reverse Power 3421 mV N/A N/A
BPSK Amplifier Curr. 7647 mV N/A N/A
BPSK 3v3 Supply Curr. 3 mA N/A N/A

Software State

Name Value
Sequence Number 2753 V
Last Commmand 2753 V
RF Mode 2753 V
Data Mode 2753 V
Payload Transfer Status 2753 V
In Eclipe Mode 2753 V
In Auto. Mode 2753 V
CTCSS Detect State 2753 V
Safe Mode State 2753 V
In Safe Mode 2753 V

ESEO On Board Computer

Name Value
Voltage Solar Panel 1 N/A
Voltage Solar Panel 2 N/A
Voltage Solar Panel 3 N/A
OBC Mode N/A
WD Reset Count N/A
ESEO S-Band Amp Temp N/A
Main Bus Voltage N/A
AMSAT Switch Current N/A
Momentum Wheel Voltage N/A
Momentum Wheel Current N/A
Momentum Wheel Speed N/A
Tank Pressure N/A
Temperature Solar Panel 1 N/A
Temperature Battery 1 N/A

ESEO Equipment Status

Name Value
TMTC Redundant N/A
Power Unit Main N/A
Power Unit Redundant N/A
In Safe Mode N/A
Sun Sensor Main N/A
Earth Sensor N/A
Magnetometer Main N/A
Magneometer Redundant N/A
Magnetic Torquer Main N/A
Magnetic Torquer Redundant N/A
Momentum Wheel Main N/A
Momentum Wheel Redundant N/A
Langmuir Probe N/A
De-orbt mechanism N/A
AMSAT Payload N/A
S-Band N/A
GPS Receiver N/A

ESEO Attitude Control

Name Value
Roll N/A
Pitch N/A
Yaw N/A
X Position N/A
Y Position N/A
Z Position N/A