Fitter Messages

The following list shows the fitter messages received from the satellite.
Some messages are wider than the web page, these are indicated by an ellipsis … and can be viewed by hovering the cursor over the line.

A text file which contains ALL the Fitter Messages that have been captured by groundstations up to 7 days ago can be downloaded here

Message Last received Slot
For more info about the FUNcube missions go to www.funcube,org,uk 2018-04-23 FM8
Hello to years 5 and 6 at the Market Bosworth Primary Academy from FUN… 2018-04-23 FM7
Good morning Webheath Academy and welcome to the start of Science Week… 2018-04-23 FM5
If you can see this then your are receiving AO73 fine. Pls register wi… 2018-04-23 FM4
Greetings from space to Watton District Guiding members taking part in… 2018-04-23 FM2
Greetings, students and teachers at Janusz Kusocinski Primary School N… 2018-04-23 FM1
Greetings from the Women Techmakers in Berlin. Have a great Internatio… 2018-04-23 FM6
Greetings from Funcube to the 6th grade class -Mrs. Francis- at Virgin… 2018-04-23 FM3
Hello to Hollymount School from the FUNcube team 2018-04-18 FM1