Fitter Messages

The following list shows the fitter messages received from the satellite.
Some messages are wider than the web page, these are indicated by an ellipsis … and can be viewed by hovering the cursor over the line.

A text file which contains ALL the Fitter Messages that have been captured by groundstations up to 7 days ago can be downloaded here

Message Last received Slot
FUNcube-AO73 is now in a period of continuous sunlight. See www.funcu… 2018-11-13 FM7
Looking forward to hearing JY1SAT, ESEO & FOX-1C all due for launch t… 2018-11-13 FM4
Greetings to all volunteers and visitors to the Bletchley Park RSGB Na… 2018-11-13 FM3
- from your favourite FUNcube 2018-11-13 FM3
Greetings to all at the Noel Turner Physics Festival @ Cowes, Isle of… 2018-11-13 FM2
Wishing everyone a fantastic time at the 20th Egham Raspberry Jam 73 C… 2018-11-13 FM1
- from your fav 2018-11-09 FM3
Greetings to all volunteers and visitors to t 2018-11-08 FM3
Greetings to al 2018-11-08 FM3
JOTA JOTI START qldtq etwiz ftqhd xpxyt qptuj cyrcv xcsbr gyssc ftury … 2018-11-07 FM3
Greetings to the Scouts Catalan Association WFIS - participating in J… 2018-11-07 FM5
Greetings to the Weymouth & Portland Scouts from the FUNcube-1 in spa… 2018-11-07 FM8
ar-SA Test de G4BIP 2018-11-07 FM6